Thursday, December 12, 2019

International Business E-Commerce free essay sample

Before that, for your information, Im Information System Manager of SecretNetwork, pleased to be here to represent the SecretNetwork that trans- ational computer suppliers company that supplies products to an international market. Today, I will focus on the issues of international business environment and the implication of e-commerce for international business. In this issue, I will share with you about globalization, trans-national Corporation and the national economic environment. Then, I will discuss about how e-commerce has affected trade in the trading nation and developing nation. I also will touch about how e-commerce can influence local, national and global economies. Before I go through, let me asked you; ladies and gentlemen, one simple question; hat is a business for you? Alright, I know, all of you have own definition of business because youre businessman or businesswoman but for me, honestly, I describe business into two simple word that is customer and profit. We will write a custom essay sample on International Business E-Commerce or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Why I believed like that? Because I seeking a business is an activity of providing goods or services to fulfil customer need and want to generate profit and sustainable revenue. This can refer to SecretNetwork; because we fulfil customer need and want in IT or ICT by provide a variety of computer supplies such as hardware and software program to gain more profitability. Ladies and Gentlemen, The history of my company; SecretNetwork is one of dramatic invention, adaptation and expansion. But this is not sadness story, so you can throw away your tissue Oust kidding). Alright, audience, I will bring you back in 1987, a year that our company founder, Ahmed Rosly Ali found the SecretNetwork. Maybe some of you might be surprise because in 1987, how come Ahmed Rosly Ali can create business based on computer and network while in Malaysia phenomenon of information technology and network starting famous after 1990s, right ?. So, the answers is; Ahmed Rosly Ali who is graduated in Business in 1986 from Iowa State University, that the first University built electronic computer in 1930s and by the late 1980s, computer network were expanding to embrace the general public and the internet was born (Swee Heng, Ain Nadziman, Helen Tan, 2 When Ahmed Rosly Ali back to Malaysia in 1987, with knowledge and experience in university and predict that have big opportunity with computer business, he determined to run business that supplies personal computer, printer and some hardware. With own savings, he start small business and become as sole proprietorship, that control the business by wn because sole proprietorship is one owner has complete control their business and profits or losses flow directly to him and paid taxed at individual rates (Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, 2004). Until early 1990s, IT in Malaysia is still new, so it complicated to Ahmed Rosly Ali run his business because demand of his product is low and any legal damages or debts incurred by the business are his responsibility. As sole proprietorship, Ahmed Rosly Ali managed and make the decision for his business by own. So, he decided to ending private ownership or sole proprietorship to become partnership by hired his ousin, Ahmed Azman, a computer analysis to become his partners. As we know, to starting partnership business it needs two or more owners, right? So, by the partners saving and bank loan, around RM 40 000, they expand their business by provide some software program others personal computers, printer and hardware to influence customer to purchase their product. By partnerships agreement, they entitled to equal control their business and share income and loses equally (Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, 2004). With efficiency management and planning of partnership, their business become growth wealth and they open 10 branches around Malaysia nd involve in exporting their product. Ladies and gentlemen, As we know, life sometime bad of rose, in 1998, Malaysia face critical economic recession and this recession give big impact to the SecretNetwork because they face finance crisis. To make sure that their company still running, Ahmed Rosly Ali and his partner, decided to become corporation by sell 40% from their share in SecretNetwork to the public include their employees.

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